How to Draw Self Portraits with 5 Easy Tips

Learn the Following 5 Tips For Sketching Self-Portraits Better

Drawing self portraits can be a great way to practice sketching techniques as - let's face it - there is no shortage of ingredients when you draw it yourself! Sketching or drawing yourself can be a great way to learn a lot about sketching, shadows, and proportions.

But unfortunately, there are still many people who find it difficult to draw Self Portraits. Especially for those who are still beginners in drawing. That's why numbones.com wants to help them draw self portraits better with the 5 tips we will give.

And, when you sketch, your pictures can be rather funny - they don't always represent the subject in the same way. But, sketching yourself, whether you use a picture or a mirror, can teach you many things about art and yourself.

And before you start learning the following tips to draw self portraits, you should learn these 10 quick drawing tips and tricks for beginners. Because those tips and tricks can also help you draw anything better, including drawing realistic self portraits.

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And if someday you already feel proficient enough in drawing, you can try to test your ability to draw by drawing things that are more difficult. Like drawing faces, drawing seated person, or even drawing realistic things.

Okay then, here are some tips on how to draw a portrait of yourself:

5 Tips to Draw Self Portraits

How to Draw Self Portraits with 5 Easy Tips

1. Try to Start With a Light Sketch

Start with a small line. Everyone thinks they know facial proportions, but when you really study the human face, it's easy to realize that the eyes are not near the top of the head, they are closer halfway between the crown of your head and your chin.

Get the main features first, light, to create the foundation so you can add your details later. In this way, if you make a mistake, you can easily delete it and it won't affect the minute details. You will spend more time making it later.

2. Add Few Shadows and Smudge Them

To make your sketch look professional, add shadows. You will want to go lightly here too. To make a realistic shadow effect, use a smudge or your finger to draw a shadow.

This will combine the media you use whether graphite, charcoal, or pastel and your shadow will end up lighter and easier to clean if you make a mistake. Lighting is important in finding shadows and one of the best ways to "light up" yourself is to use lighting or lighting from above.

This is something to consider when you take a photo that you will use to do your self portrait, during your arrangement if you plan to use a mirror.

3. Make Sure to do Your Hairline After You Outline

Start with your head and determine the right length. Fill in a thick line, then add shadows and highlights as you continue.

4. Good Details Come Last

After you have an outline and some shade, it's time for fine detail. Spend time filling in the places in the eyes and lips, and add some shadows on the neck so that your face doesn't look floating in thin air.

Better details are those that truly provide realistic self-portrait quality. And, a little extra tip, (4.5) if you already use a pencil, you can add several colors at this point with colored pencils or even watercolors.

5. Choose a Nice Frame

If you like your portrait, choose a nice frame for it. A good frame can complement your artwork well and highlight your sketching skills. A simple black frame is good when using charcoal, or something made of light wood matches soft colors.


Those are 5 tips that can help you to draw self portraits better. If you practice well, you will soon be able to make very good pictures.

But if you feel you are still not satisfied with the results of your drawing, try to learn how to improve our drawing skills faster. In those article, you will learn about how to improve drawing skills that we did not explain here.

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And if you are tired of drawing your own pictures, you can always be with friends and practice drawing portraits with each other. Or, take your self portrait and have your friend do one of you too.

Don't see when they're in the process, but after that, compare and contrast. Our perspective can vary greatly from individual to individual. Try!

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