How to Use Green Screen in iMovie for Beginners

If you record videos with a single colored background (often green or blue), iMovie allows you to make the colors transparent. You can change the background with other video clips, graphics or still images as you like. That's the green screen effect on iMovie.

With the iMovie green screen effect, you can easily put anything into any shot. For example, you can move yourself wherever you like, or appear in your favorite movie. That's interesting, right? How do we make green screen on iMovie?

Just follow the steps that numbones.com share to apply the green screen effect in iMovie and you will find adding an iMovie green screen effect to just a piece of cake. Even if you are still a beginner in using iMovie, we sure that you can practice it well.

Do Movies in Theaters Also Use Green Screens?

Of course, most films in this era definitely use green screen. Because by using green screen, they can make extraordinary films according to their imagination. If you want to know how the film making process uses green screen, check our article about How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies. There you will understand how the filmmaking process uses a green screen that you have never imagined before.

Why are Backdrops Green?

Green is an option because it doesn't match the skin color or natural hair color, which means that no part of the actor will be edited through the chroma key. When costumes or green props are very important, blue screens or green screen are often replaced.

What is The Best Green Screen App?

There are actually many free green screen video editor software available, but we will make a short list of the best green screen applications on each of the platform  of our versions.
  • Green Screen App for PC: Movavi Video Editor
  • Green Screen App for Mac: iMovie
  • Green Screen App for iPhone / iPad: Do Ink
  • Green Screen App for Android: Kinemaster
  • Green Screen App for Chromebook: Wevideo
And as you can see, in our opinion, iMovie is the best video editing software for the MacOS platform. And those five green screen applications above are included in the category of the 5 best green screen applications of all time.

How to Use Green Screen in iMovie for Beginners

How to Use Green Screen in iMovie for Beginners

1. To use a green screen on iMovie, start with a blank project and select the background you want to use.

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2. Drag and place the video or background image into the timeline.

3. Select the recording of the green screen that you want to use and drag and drop it above the background.

4. To make the background longer or shorter to fit the recording of your green screen, drag the edges of the background.

5. Click to select the green screen recording on the timeline, then click the drop down menu that select Cutaway as default on above the left corner of the viewer window, and then select Green / Blue Screen.

6. Now the green must be removed to reveal the background behind it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is There Any Other Software For Green Screen on macOS?

Besides iMovie, there are also other software that you can use to edit green screen videos on macOS. The software is Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is not inferior to iMovie. You could say the number 2 best after iMovie. And the way to use it is not difficult, almost the same as using iMovie.

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Can iPad iMovie do Green Screen?

Just use the Green Screen application by Do Ink, and you can quickly and easily create some truly amazing green screen effects on your iPad. You can also save this video to the camera roll and import it into iMovie as part of a larger video project if needed.

And editing the green screen with Do Ink on iPad isn't as difficult as you might think. The method is also quite easy, almost the same when you want to edit the green screen with iMovie.

Can You Move Green Screen Objects Around in iMovie?

You cannot resize or position the overlay and also apply the green screen effect on iMovie simultaneously. However, you can make scaling positions on a green background, export, and then use the videos produced on other projects to get the same results.

How to Use a Green Screen For Photos?

If you take a photo using the green screen, you can remove the green screen background and then edit your photos using Photoshop to merge your photo to any of other image. Looks easy doesn’t it?

And you don't need to worry about difficulties, because numbones.com was posted about how to remove background green screen in photoshop in detail. So it would be easy to understand even though you are still a beginner in using Photoshop.

Just read the tutorial about how to use a green screen for photos HERE.


What do you think about how to use green screen in iMovie above? easy doesn’t it? The method above only requires 6 steps. So it's easy to understand even though you are still a beginner. And maybe you don’t realize that there are many television programs that already use green screen. One of them is a news program. They use a green screen to make green screen background that matches with the news that they are broadcasting.

What do you think? Pretty easy to follow isn’t it? Let us know in the comments below

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