The 5 Best Green Screen Apps of All Time

Green Screen is a filmmaking technique that allows film producers to add various visual effects to their video projects.

These visual effects include changing the background of the video, placing the subject in various backgrounds, combining animation with direct acting, for some examples.

Although widely used in the film and television industry, anyone can use this technology to make their own productions, from short films to interesting presentations and clips, since the emergence of the application discussed below.

What is Green Screen Effect

The green screen is when you change the actual video green screen background with a digital background. The green screen effect is a post-production technique for compositing two images or video streams together based on the color hue (chroma range).

How the Green Screens Work

All of these high-tech counterfeits occur with the help of fabric backgrounds or brightly colored paint, and a process called "chroma lock," also referred to as "green screen" because of the background color, which is usually bright green. Chroma locking is not only for the background; it works with objects too.

How to Make Our Own Green Screen

Another inexpensive option is if you have a studio or room in your home where you can paint walls, you can quickly make a green screen. After you prepare a room that can be used for the green screen, then you have to prepare the green screen package first.

Once you have a green screen and prepare all the needed package in place, all you need to get started is software that supports chroma locking.

How to Paint a Wall Green For a Green Screen

It can works perfectly. For a green screen, you need low sparkling paint. You will want flat or flat enamel. If you only want to use paint (for example a painted wall) and don't plan to mix it with another green cloth, the Gamma Sector Green will work perfectly.

In this post, numbones.com will look at the 5 best green screen applications that everyone can use forever.

The 5 Best Green Screen Apps of All Time

The 5 Best Green Screen Apps of All Time
There are actually many free green screen photo software available, but we will make a short list of the best green screen applications on each of the platform  of our versions.
Green Screen App for Windows: Movavi Video Editor
Green Screen App for Mac: iMovie
Green Screen App for iPhone / iPad: Do Ink
Green Screen App for Android: Kinemaster
Green Screen App for Chromebook: Wevideo

1. Best Overall Green Screen App for Windows: Movavi Video Editor

1. Movavi Video Editor | The 5 Best Green Screen Apps of All Time
Free Trial Version Available, Running on Windows and Mac platforms

Movavi Video Editor is very easy to use, the best application for using green screen technology. It is available for the Windows and Mac platforms and there is a free trial version available for download. Using this software is quite simple and suitable for beginners and professionals.

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  • Quick and easy drag and drop feature
  • It comes with a previously created video effects library, allowing you to be more creative and unique when editing your videos
  • Special effects include mosaics, green screens, divided screens, faces and more
  • You can add animated titles to your production, producing unique and amazing results
  • Other advanced features include zooming, stabilizer and pan video and rewind playback

If you want to try to use Movavi Video Editor, you can download Movavi Video Editor through its official site HERE.

2. Green Screen App for Mac: iMovie

2. iMovie | The 5 Best Green Screen Apps of All Time
Free software (Mac platforms only)
Fortunately, if you have a Mac platform, iMovie is available for free download, which is advantageous because there are not many video editing applications available for this platform.

iMovie is easy to use and can easily detect and remove green screens from the background of your video. No need to look for other top class products because iMovie Chroma key options can also work for blue screen backgrounds too.

If you want to try to use iMovie, you can download iMovie through iTunes or AppStore.

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How do You Use Green Screen On iMovie App?

On the timeline, select the clip or range that you shot with a green or blue background, and drag it to the top of the clip on your project. If the video overlay control is not displayed, click the Video Overlay Settings button. Click the pop-up menu on the left and select Green / Blue Screen.

if you want to know more clearly about how to use iMovie for green screen, you can see numbones.com guide on how to use iMovie for green screen HERE.

3. Best Green Screen App for iPhone / iPad: Do Ink

3. Do Ink | The 5 Best Green Screen Apps of All Time
iPhone, iPad | $2.99
The Green Screen by Do Ink App is displayed in iTunes under the "Best New Application in Education" designed to enable anyone with an iPad or iPhone to make incredible green screen videos.

There are two options for you when using this application, you can import previously recorded videos, photos and artwork or use live video cameras.

And I think Do Ink was become one of the best live green screen software for android.

If you want to try to use Do Ink, you can download Do Ink through AppStore.

4. Best Green Screen App for Android: Kinemaster

4. Kinemaster | The 5 Best Green Screen Apps of All Time
Android, iOS | Free/ $4.99/month
KineMaster can be used on Android and iOS devices, but even though this is one of the most powerful video applications available, it costs $ 4.99 per month if you have used the free trial version mode.

Like most video editing software, KineMaster can do basic things but as a powerful video editor, this includes additional features and tools. It has chroma keys, video effects, transitions, multiple videos, image layers and effects, audio filters and more. However, this is not as strong as the desktop version, but it is close enough.

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And you can also use kinemaster to edit the green screen. Kinemaster has many features that can make it easier for you to screen green as you want.

If you make a lot of videos, this application is perfect for you. Try the free trial mode but I can guarantee you want to pay monthly installments to stay forever. If you pay a monthly kinemaster, you will get a kinemaster pro. Where kinemaster pro is a kinemaster version that is more effective and efficient.

If you want to try to use Kinemaster, you can download Kinemaster through Play Store.

5. Best Green Screen App for Chromebook: Wevideo

5. Wevideo | The 5 Best Green Screen Apps of All Time
Web based | Free with Price Level
WeVideo is the perfect web-based green screen technology tool for Chromebook because there are not many software applications available for video editing and content creation. WeVideo also saves space by not having to download large software.

The intuitive user interface of WeVideo makes it easy for beginners to navigate. This is a full-featured video editor so the best part about WeVideo is a media template library that offers free music and complete sound effects with a series of pre-packaged effects and transitions.

Of course, more sophisticated features are offered in paid packages like text templates that are better for titles and credit, but free users still have many choices to choose from.

This software can practically do the whole process for you, but if you do it yourself manually, you will find many things in this great web-based application.

If you want to try to use Wevideo, you can download Wevideo through AppStore.

How to Use Green Screen For Photos

If you take a photo using the green screen, you can remove the green screen background and then edit your photos using Photoshop to merge your photo to any of other image. Looks easy doesn’t it?

And you don't need to worry about difficulties, because numbones.com was posted about how to remove background green screen in photoshop in detail. So it would be easy to understand even though you are still a beginner in using Photoshop.

Just read the tutorial about how to use a green screen for photos HERE.

Do Movies in Theaters Also Use Green Screens?

Of course, most films in this era definitely use green screen. Because by using green screen, they can make extraordinary films according to their imagination.

If you want to know how the film making process uses green screen, check our article about How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies. There you will understand how the filmmaking process uses a green screen that you have never imagined before.


That's the best 5 best green screen applications ever on each platform by numbones.com. Most of these applications can be used for free, but there are also some who have to pay in advance to be used.

The 5 green screen applications that we have mentioned above have good performance, light, have a friendly interface, and will not overload your device. So that's why we took it as the 5 best applications for green screens.

But apart from the 5 best green screen applications above, there are few other green screen applications that we think are pretty good, almost same as good as the 5 green screen applications that we mentioned earlier. The application is Chromavid and Green Screen Pro.  Both of those applications are available on the Android platform.

You can download the Chromavid application directly from the Play Store. Whereas to download the green screen pro application, you can download it via google, where you need to enter the keyword "green screen apk" or "green screen video apk". Then you can download it through the available website.

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