How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies

With time, the world of cinematography has become even more amazing. Which the movies visual effect is even closer to reality. In the 1980s, the use of green screens start become popular. But at that time the resulting effect was not good enough. 

Unlike the present time, the effects produced by the green screen are no different from the original view. Like the effects of computer-generated imagery (CGI), which uses sensors on the body of the actor. 

It can show an 'imaginary creature' which is truly realistic for the audience. In fact, most of the movies visual effect scenes that you think are created in fantasy spectacular locations are actually CGI effect and it was taken in a studio. Here’s How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies.

And to be able to produce films with high graphics like this, filmmakers use the best green screen applications in the manufacturing process.

If you are curious and want to try to see the best green screen application that is commonly used to make movies, you can see it in our post HERE.

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Green screen Before And After Movies Visual Effects

1. Game of Thrones

How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies

First movies example on How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies. This one film series is one of the best-selling film series, which the main character in Game of Thrones has several dragons. 

And in every area of the fire which is caused by the bursts of dragon fire, the crew of Game of Thrones used an explosive material that was carefully buried under the ground and also the effect of the dust used in this film using genuine ash.

Then in the coolest scene where Daenerys rides her dragon, the crew of Game of Thrones use an iron frame that has been covered with green foam. And to record point of view of the dragon, the crew used a special camera that is attached to a sophisticated drone.

And not only in movies, but if you want to try to make your own green screen version, you can make it with Photoshop. 

To make a green screen with Photoshop, you can simply take a photo using background green screen, then delete the green screen background using Photoshop. And join your photos with other photos according to your imagination. 

If you want to see the explanation in more detail, you can see the guide HERE.

How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies
How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies

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2. Spiderman: Homecoming (2017)

How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies

All of you must be know that the superhero scene that played in a movies, is impossible to be played by pure-actor if it is not combined by using special effects. 

And in spiderman homecoming movie, all dangerous scenes which is performed by the actors are made in a special room which filled with green screens.

Then for each climbing scene, the actor in Spiderman: Homecoming always uses a hanging device attached on his waist.

And for the whole scene of the destruction of the city, the crew from Spiderman: Homecoming totally uses editing effects that must be made very carefully. So it must be look like the original city.

How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies

3. San Andreas (2015)

This movie tells about our earth that experiencing a major disaster, where the effects of the disaster were completely made using computer-generated imagery (CGI) effect

In the making of San Andreas , there are at least 1300 scenes that use special effects so that the effects of its destruction look like real.

How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies

Then, when the scene that Golden Bridge destroyed, the crew from San Andreas turned out to use a bridge miniature that was doused using a bucket of water as an effect of the big waves.

And for every scene of destruction. The crew of San Andreas combined at least 15 images from a disaster scene in the film into one realistic scene effect.

4. Jurassic World (2015)

How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies

The dinosaur-themed movies is one of the most anticipated movie, because Jurassic World illustrates an appearance of an ancient animal from thousands of years ago that became extinct. 

Before there was advanced technology like now, to create the dinosaur-themed movie, the crew was required to Wear A Special Costume That Was Made Very Similar To The Shape Of The Original Dinosaur.

But today, dinosaurs in Jurassic World are made using computer-generated imagery (CGI) special effect to make them look more real. From this, we can clearly know the different between Green screen Before And After Movies Visual Effects.

And usually the film editors use iMovie to edit the green screen and produce fantastic visual effects. If you want to know how filmmakers edit the green screen using iMovie to make amazing results, please see our tutorial on how to edit green screens like in the movies HERE.

How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies

5. Jungle Book (2016)

How Green Screen Special Effects are Made in Movies

This movie tells about a child who lives with wild animals in the middle of jungle. But apparently in the process of creating the movie, all the scenes were performed in a studio which is filled with green screens.

And the crew from Jungle Book who act as an animals, wear a blue costume in the shooting process. Then the editors will change them who wear the blue costume to looks like an real animal in the movies.

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Conclusion of Visual Effects in Movies Before and After

That's 5 examples of movies that use green screen to make fascinating special effects. In digital age like now, almost all of the films use green screens to create visual effects. Because using green screen will reduce the cost of film production and also make the film more attractive.

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