Do This Easy Thing to Fix Your Android Problem That Keeps Restarting Itself

Are you confusing because you don’t know what to do if your Android smart phone restarting by itself? Does your Android smart phone keeps restarting automatically? Does it reboot much more often as it should? Does your Android phone restarting again and again?

A few year ago, in 2017 Android has become the most popular operating system in the world (which outnumber Windows devices).

It’s became very popular because the developer of Android (Google) had done an extraordinary job of improving and developing their OS. It's stable, reliable, and smarter with every new update.

However, there are many people still use an old version of Android phones that often become unstable, unresponsive and not supported by new application. Mostly many new application required a new version of android and need high smartphone specification.

Many users of old Android devices experienced that their Android rebooting by itself. So how to fix it? Let's find out!

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How to Fix Android Phone System Crash or Keeps Restarting Itself

How to Fix Android Auto Restart Problem

It's not always clear and easy to find out why your android smart phone device keeps rebooting. Here's some few reason why Android devices often restart by itself:
  1. There is an apps that cause phone to reboot or there is an Android application that is not compatible with the Android smart phone system that you have.
  2. The occurrence of crashes between applications on Android smart phones.
  3. The Android system is damaged or there are parts of the Android system that are lost, so that it can cause your nexus tablet keeps rebooting.
  4. There are some Android application system that doesn't work well.
  5. Android system settings that are wrong or not in accordance with its function.
  6. Too many applications are installed on the android device that make RAM and Processor overload.
  7. Too much junk files or cache stored in the Android device system that you haven't had time to delete.
  8. Android applications or systems need to be upgraded or updated to the newest versions.
  9. Your Android smart phone has a virus that could make the Android system crash (but this case rarely happens).

Tips How to Stop my Android Phone from Restarting

Here are the tips for how to fix android smart phone devices that are often restart or reboot by itself:
  1. Check installed application on your Android smart phone, whether it's a long-installed application or the application you just installed. There may be an old application that needs to be updated or you just installed an application that is not compatible with your Android system. If this happens, immediately delete the incompatible application and restart your Samsung Android device.
  2. Check the settings on your Android smart phone device that often restart by itself, there may be incorrect settings that you just changed. If this happens, then return it back to the original settings where your Android smartphone device works normally.
  3. Clean the cache on your Android smart phone device by using the cache cleaner application that you can download in play store, because this cache file will accumulate and consume space on your Android smartphone's memory device, which can cause Android performance to be not optimal.
  4. Install a trusted and safe antivirus, you can download the antivirus in the Play Store application. then scan thoroughly on your android device.
  5. Perform Factory Reset. Some people also call this method as "Hard Reset" Android. This method is the final way to deal with Samsung Android smart phones that often restart by itself if the four methods above did not solve your problem. Like what I did on my Samsung S7, my tablet, and my iPhone that keeps restarting on its own. To do a factory reset, you have to know about how to format / factory reset an Android phone that you can search on the internet. You also have to backup all of your data that are considered important before doing a factory reset.

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That is some reason for your android that rebooting by itself and some tips on how to fix it. I hope these tips work for you and can fix your problem. Because these tips can fix my Samsung, Samsung S7, and iPhone auto restart problem and my Smartphone didn’t reboot by itself again.

 And the method that we described above does not require a power button to fix it. So you just fix it via your smart phone directly. Try it right away, good luck.

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