Download 5 Best Free Mobile Security Antivirus App For Android Full Version

Currently, Android is the most widely used Communication Technology. Not only for telephones and texting but also doing internet activities. When we are browsing  on the internet, there will be many viruses that might be get into your smartphone. 

Not just Computer (PC) which could be infected, although Android Smart Phone also could be infected.

The impact of the virus that get into your smart phone, it will experience a problem to your Android, such as slow loading, corrupted files, bootloop, restarting by itself, even can’t be turned on. 

There are also another factors such as the application cannot be opened or the Android screen suddenly restarts by itself. 

To avoid the virus to get into your smartphone, it is necessary to have a special Android Antivirus, so that it is safe from various problem that is caused by smart phone virus.

There are 5 best and most powerful Android antivirus that I recommend from dozens of applications on Play Store. 

You can download it for free, and ot only requires a small amount of internet quota. And this antivirus application does not display annoying ads and after installed this app, it does’t take up much space (light).

5 Best Free Mobile Security Antivirus App For Android

5 Best Free Mobile Security Antivirus App For Android

1. Avast Mobile Security

5 Best Free Mobile Security Antivirus App For Android
The first phone mobile antivirus is Avast, which can be used on an Android device. Not only in Android version but you can also install Avast Antivirus Software on your computer. 

Your smartphone will be protected from all virus threats, like infected URLs, data stealing and terminal hacking. You can install Avast Mobile Security app on Internal or External Memory.

The highest threat that virus can get into smartphone is when we do online activities. But this Avast Mobile Security will be able to avoid data stealing and protect your smartphone from any virus from the internet. 

Avast! This is completely free antivirus app and you need to try to be able to secure your smart phone wherever you are.

Antivirus Free Download: Avast Antivirus Mobile Security

2. AVG Antivirus for Android Security

5 Best Free Mobile Security Antivirus App For Android
The next android antivirus is AVG Antivirus for Android Security, which is also one of the best android applications to block incoming viruses. It can detects all installed Android application whether it is dangerous or not. 

It also filter every incoming file, either Photo or Video. By installing it, you can reduce the risk of incoming virus from your smart phone.

In addition, this AVG security apps can also speed up the loading process, which is make your smart phone process become faster when using it. 

In 2018, there have been many updates, so that the users will find it easier to use it. Do not hesitate to try it because it will not reduce the RAM performance of your Android Mobile.

Free Virus Protection Download: AVG Antivirus for Android Security

3. Norton Security and Antivirus

5 Best Free Mobile Security Antivirus App For Android
Norton Security and Antivirus has a perfect record in the latest evaluation of AV-TEST's independent laboratory security products in German, which has conducted in September 2017. 

The Norton Security and Anti virus apps was detected 100% of the 3,000+ threats, as well as 100% of 2.000+ samples that collected in previous 4 weeks.

The latest version of Norton Security and Antivirus software offers an impressive Android security feature in the free version. 

Most of Android Antivirus Applications provide 100% level detection and remove Android malware, spyware, or viruses that could slow down the performance of your device. 

It include an alarm to find your missing device, feature to lock device to prevent data stealing, or block annoying calls or messages.

Norton Security and Antivirus also has a another application like an application locker and password manager that is available for free on the Play Store. Norton Security and Antivirus has an advanced premium features that are available for a 30 day trial period. 

Overall, Norton Security and Antivirus is one of virus removal for android, and undoubtedly become one of the Best Free Virus Protection For Android.

Free Antivirus Software Download: Norton Security and Antivirus

4. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

5 Best Free Mobile Security Antivirus App For Android
Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus missed for the perfection of malware detection by hair in Germany's independent testing laboratory AV-TEST, the latest evaluation of Android's phone security products, carried out in July 2016. 

Kaspersky sniffed 99.9 percent of 3,400+ new malware samples used, and 100% of 3,300+ samples malware found in the previous 4 weeks.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is a great security application and one of the best antivirus applications for Android. According to AV-Test, it's very good at picking up malware with a detection rate of 99.9%. 

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus has a free version with the purchase of premium features in the application and the paid version. 

The free version features manual application scanning for malware and viruses, and the premium features are real time protection, anti data stealing, anti account phising, and application lockers to provide extra protection to your important applications. But you still can access all of the premium features for a free 30 day trial period.

Some software malware detection rates fluctuate from one month to another, but not for Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. It never dropped below 99.8% last year from an Android evaluation of two months AV-TEST.

Free Antivirus For Android Mobile Download: Kaspersky MobileAntivirus

5. 360 Security

5 Best Free Mobile Security Antivirus App For Android
So what exactly does 360 Security do? For starters, 360 Security is an antivirus applications that are equipped with a decent set of features. 

360 Security feature include real time scanning of your applications and files to find any problems, scanners to find any potential problems, and it also can detect malware, adware, even trojans and more. The virus database is always up to date.

In addition, it also has a cleaning function that will find an forgotten, old, and junk files on your device. 360 Security will allow you to organize space for your device. 

This function is to issue the application too. You can find and uninstall any applications that you don't use to save space and even save battery life.

360 Security also has a boost function that clears out any useless running applications. This is actually configurable, so you can have multiple app in your memory. 

We recommend that you put all the applications that you use frequently in exceptions, so the 360 Security wouldn’t keep repeating re-initializing and draining your battery. If not, it still to work as intended.

360 Security has many other features too. One of my favorites feature is app locking. By using this feature, you can lock any applications to prevent access and you can configure the pattern lock to keep it safe and secure. 

There are also new features from 360 Security that allow you to block notifications from any applications. This feature is actually built for Android Lollipop and Marshmallow Version, but sometimes it worked for another version too. 

You can set which applications that display notifications and which application that hide the notification for later viewing. This is good feature, especially for Android Games that don't know when to shut up.

At the same time, there is a feature that block incoming messages and phone calls from the numbers and contacts that you have been set. This is a good way to get rid of repeat telemarketers and various other disorders. 

360 Security has several additional features. They include an application manager to help you view and delete unecessary apps, monitor the data that allows you to set your monthly limit to track it, and Google's find-my-phone feature that will help you find your lost device.

Antivirus For Android Phones Free Download: 360 Security

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Best Free Antivirus App for Android

That's 5 of the best, free, and light Mobile Security Antivirus App For Android in 2018. You just have to choose one that you like, and of course all of the antivirus above doesn’t have annoying advertisements. 

The way to use it is quite easy and you can do it every day to protect from any dangerous files. So you can do any activities on the internet freely and safely.

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