30 Quote On Long Distance Relationships That Can Describe Your Feelings

numbones.com - LDR is an abbreviation of (Long Distance Relationship) which means establishing a long-distance relationship. Usually, the LDR is associated with a love affair that is separated by distance and time with a partner. 

So the point is if you are dating but your girlfriend is far away and can't meet often, it means you are undergoing LDR.

30 Quote On Long Distance Relationships That Can Describe Your Feelings | numbones.com

Its name is also a long-distance courtship, certainly can not continue to meet. It can only give news via social media chat, telephone, or SMS. But if you already feel homesick and miss, to overcome it most can be a video call and so on. 

It sounds a bit complicated and nostalgic, but if this is the reality then what to do anymore.

Speaking of LDR, some couples don't mind making long-distance relationships like LDR. As long as you can be loyal and trust each other. But some often complain because the distance and time are blocking.

Easy to feel jealous and envious because while others can spend time together, whereas we are even alone accompanied by a cellphone that often rings.

But actually when we observe. long-distance dating does not always make an unromantic and sad relationship. Sometimes couples who meet every day, laugh together and have fun, may even be often depressed and sad unhappy. 

Because sometimes what seems to be can lie the situation.

And conversely, someone who is LDR because his partner is far away, often is happy, lasting and feels comfortable to live the love story that they live. Why ? although they are blocked by distance, but the fire of longing will remain awake in the heart. 

Can enjoy quality time by improving themselves first before meeting each other.

LDR can also teach us the meaning of togetherness, separation, loyalty, and trust as well as being equipped with patience waiting and waiting without limits. After all, if you really love and love each other, why is it necessary to worry about each other. 

You should be proud and feel calm to have a partner who is loyal and willing to fight for each other and fought for.

But if you are currently LDR with a distant girlfriend. Here are 30 long-distance relationship quotes that can represent your current feelings.

30 LDR (Long Distance Relationship) Quotes

I will stop complaining about the difference in distance and time, because I know you will come back to me soon.

I really can't stay beside you. But this heart will always be close to your heart.

One day, we will be proud of ourselves for being able to maintain a relationship so far, difficult, happy together even though we are blocked by distance.

Our distance is far enough, but our hearts don't. I believe in you, and I hope you maintain my trust.

Earth also knows, about people who miss each other staring in the same sky.

Our feelings are broader, wider than the distance.

Because LDR was the one who taught me to live a relationship patiently.

Love will never know its depth until you feel the distance that separates.

Sometimes it takes a considerable distance for us to realize how much someone is very meaningful in life.

Do not blame love if it rarely makes you lose it. If your love is sincere, love will last forever.

At least when we are apart, remember that there is a loyal figure waiting for you to hurry home.

There will be a long night for us both, each other is happy. Maybe not tonight, but later. Certainly!

When I miss you, there's not much I can do. Besides praying for you and hoping that you will be all right there.

Actually, I'm helpless because of this distance. I worry too much about You. I'm afraid you're happy with someone else.

Awaiting is the most beautiful decision when distance separates us.

Our goal is not meeting but how much we hold our distance.

This longing teaches how to trust each other, not to suspect each other.

No matter how far I go, and as high as I jump. Believe me, I will still wait for you.

Sometimes love is strange. He does not always come from the closest person but from you who are far away.

Quite often I act stupid when I miss you. Lure your emotions, pretend to be ignorant, even make you worry so you can pay attention to me.

To be honest ... I want you to be here right now to calm me down. Convinced me that everything was fine.

I need someone who can calm, guide, and love me continuously without getting bored, that's you.

Suppose you understand and realize that your busyness makes me feel left out of your life as if I'm further away from you.

When all couples laugh and spend time with their lovers. To be honest, I'm not sad, I'm just upset that I can't show that we can be more than them.

We may not be like other couples who can be free to meet at any time, but I know through prayer, I can hug you anytime.

I wipe tears, strengthen myself, and do everything myself to fight with you to our success

God predestines us to be far apart, but I'm sure God has a big plan behind it all

People say I'm stupid because I still survive. They just don't know because this is sincerity.

I will not let go, that's my current belief. As much as possible I will defend it, even with this distance.

Every time I feel we are far away, I look at my heart and see you there. I know we are never the slightest distance.

For me, the distance will never weaken. Distance makes eyes more open. See how strong the feelings we have together.

I will never give up just because of distance or circumstances because for me to fight for you is my choice. 

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