10 Inspiring Dating Lesson from "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" Movie

After you make a date schedule, there will usually be many endless questions that can turn around in your head. And this usually happens before, during, and after a date. To deal with this problem, numbones.com has compiled a list of some of the best and inspirational dating lesson that can be used by both men and women. I took these inspirational dating lesson from a movie with the very popular romantic comedy genre, which was released in 2003. This popular movie is titled "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". And with the inspirational dating lesson from this movie, it is expected to help ensure your date or relationship is a major success.

For some people, dating is considered a difficult and complicated thing. There are various questions that arise in your head, what should you wear? Where is a good place for you to date? What sentence should you say? Who has to pay on a date later? How fast after a date do you have to call? and much more. With so many questions like that, it's hard to really get to know your date. Here you will find some of the best dating lesson for men and women that hopefully would make your relationship more lasting.

You should also pay attention to this dating lesson well. Because if you have a problem with your relationship, and you can't understand about dating lessons that I will share this well, your dating relationship can be in dangers. And if you can understand about this dating lesson well, of course you can get advantages for your relationship in the future.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Review

It's been a long time since Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey hit gold rom-com with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. This movie has all the talent in a great early girl aughts movie, like the main cast of smart and career-driven women, high luxury and the glamour of Manhattan, and a little absurd plot that somehow still works seems reasonable.

Like other movies, certain aspects are not sufficiently translated one and a half decades later. In today's dating culture, if twenty-year-old Andie Anderson (Hudson) meets a man she really likes in the real world, she might not do anything with her power to push her away, and not care what story she wrote to work. He might prefer one ransom at Hinge for his experiment and actually pursue a relationship with the man he likes, namely Ben (McConaughey). And most importantly, are there people who are quite successful and reasonable who stand up to their antics? Most likely not, even if the main ad account is at stake. This is the Instagram era, and every documented love lives forever, whether you want it or not.

But while Andie and Ben may have different stories if the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days happened today. And there are still lots of tips that we can learn about love from their courtship. Here are 10 inspiring dating lessons from 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' movies that are still valid until today today.

10 Inspiring Dating Lesson from 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' Movies

10 Inspiring Dating Lesson from "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" Movie

1. Don’t Run Away from Your Relationship Problems

Because in the end, all relationship baggage will overtake you. So, instead of trying to escape by escaping to a new city and new life, get actual closure. Because ideally before you are in the middle of the bridge on the way to the airport.

2. Calling Your Significant Other Out on His or Her BS is Very Important

Ben's family invites Andie to join the lively Bullshit round, with card games all about "being able to read people," according to Ben. It was quickly clear that Ben had met his partner. And that makes sense, because they know each other during their relationship. Fortunately, in the end, they dropped acting and eventually became real with each other, which is what we should all do.

3. It Would Be Better If You Don't Reach Out To Your Future In-Laws Until You Are Officially Introduced

Andie had a relationship with Ben's mother without her knowledge, and it was safe to say, but that scared him. Her phone calls with Glenda clearly crossed the line, and everything was no different in terms of reaching out through social media. Don't do it unless you have the blessing of your partner or have met him or her in Real Life.

4. Never Underestimate Your Partner

Both Andie and Ben are evidence of the fact that you can truly achieve the unimaginable if you try well. Whether it's for the good of your partner or the opponent's bet. I’m, why would Ben stay with a prospective couple who redecorated the bathroom in pink, and whatever she thinks until she fill the medicine cabinet with Vagisil after only a few dates? Because he is committed to the goal and wants to get an advertising campaign for diamond companies. But hopefully, in dating, your motivation is a little different with them.

5. Don't Make Life-Changing Commitments Until You are Ready for Shared Responsibility

If your relationship is at a point where you are barely committed to each other, you may have to wait for all things pet adoption. Make sure you play an important role in it for the right reasons, and not just take photos of "small boxes". Unless you are OK, share custody of your fur ball if everything changes to the south.

6. Be Sure to Always Ask for Details Before Agreeing to Date Night Activities

If you see a pair of front-line tickets on the phone, don't assume you will go to the Knicks playoff match. And if you fail to ask the right questions about the plan, chances are that you will end up at Celine Dion's concert. Even though who will be upset with this change of events, of course we cannot imagine.

7. Do a Quick Background Check on The Counselor First If You Plan to See a Couple Therapist

If you need to go to couple therapy in just a week, you should stop. However, if you are going to see a therapist in the right circumstances, do your due diligence in advance to make sure that your psychiatrist is legitimate, and not just an important person in disguise.

8. Don’t Ever Give Weird Names to Your Partner’s Body Parts

This seemed clear enough, but Ben was offended by being called Princess Sophia. Never do this, because everyone will be offended if treated like this. It would be better if you call your partner with a romantic call, so your partner will feel more respected. And this can make your relationship more romantic.

9. It’s Very Important to Understand to Give Each Other Space

In a scene in this movie, all Ben wants is to release the night of a boy, but unfortunately Andie doesn't have it. Indeed, she tried to make her break up with him, but even so the disturbance at the poker night was a prime example of what not to do in a relationship.

10. Don't Call Each Other with Nicknames That are Too Cute

When Andie repeatedly calls Ben "Benny Boo-Boo" and "Benky," this gets old and fast. Please note that if you want to call each other with an intimate nickname behind a closed door, it doesn't matter because it's your prerogative. But please don't make the people around you suffer by listening to it.


Those were some dating lessons that I took from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days movies. And the 10 dating lessons above can be said to be quite useful to maintain the harmony of your relationship with your partner.

 If you don't have a date yet, and you want to be able to get it. You can also try looking for dating classes around you. Because in dating classes, you can also discuss with fellow youth groups who are both learning about dating lessons and how to get a partner. There you will also be offered some dating lesson plans that you don't know yet, and this can be very useful for you.

In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, the most favorite cast by many people is Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson). Because in the movie, Andie Anderson said a very good quote. The best quote that she said in this movie is "You Can't Lose Something You Never Had".

And if you have never watched this movie, you can try to see the trailer first. If you are interested in the trailer, you can try watching the full movie. This movie is available on various websites that provide streaming movies, such as netflix, gomovies, vodlocker, and even someone uploaded this full movie on YouTube.

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