How to Make Green Apple Juice for Detox and Diet

numbones.com - Processing the fruit into a juice drink you can do easily, which is just to put some of the ingredients needed in the blender machine, then wait for the process to smooth into a fruit pulp.

But if you want to taste good, fresh, and delicious when consumed, you must be careful in determining the composition of the fruit, the main ingredients, and additional ingredients. Let's look at the following tips.

This juice is very beneficial for the body because Green Apple Juice is believed to have properties to detox the body, lose weight, and maintain fitness. Please consume Green Apple Juice every day so that your body stays healthy and fit.

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How to Make Green Apple Juice for Detox and Diet

How To Make Juice to Taste Delicious

You may have asked, why does my processed juice drink taste weird? Not tasty, less fresh or even make the stomach uncomfortable.

Even though the steps to process it are correct and various materials are also complete. Is something still wrong?

Surely you have understood that the fruits used as the basic ingredients of processed juice drinks contain vitamins, nutrients, nutrients, and enzymes.

That is the main factor processed fruit juice into one nutritious drink that is loved by many people. In addition to its good taste, how to process it is also simple, it only requires a blender machine.

Did you know, green apple juice drinks that are processed using a blender are essentially included in the category of smoothies?

Note the characteristics:
Juice aka thick texture smoothies, make full and shape similar to fruit pulp. While the original juice drink (juice) is fruit juice, generally made using a machine called a juicer.

However, both have the same health benefits, just not the same in terms of appearance and shape. It doesn't matter if you call smoothies juice, after all, Indonesian people are more familiar with the name.

Easy Tips for Processing Juice Drinks to Have a Fresh Taste

Try to choose the composition of fruits that are still fresh so that the taste and vitamin content can be obtained to the maximum.

Avoid mixing 2 or more doughs with an odor that is equally strong or sharp.

So that the appearance of juice drinks is more eye-catching, uses a variety of colorful compositions. For example, green apple juice mixed with other types of fruit.

Don't be afraid to put lime juice in your homemade green apple juice because it can enrich the flavor while reducing the unpleasant odor of certain ingredients.

Lemon juice can make juice drinks better.

Three options for making green apple juice better:

  1. Mix shaved ice into a blender with other ingredients
  2. Use ice-cold water instead of water
  3. Use water then add a few pieces of ice cubes on the finished juice.

If possible, do not add sugar, sweetened condensed milk or syrup because it can inhibit the absorption of vitamins by the body.

But if forced, make sugar syrup. How to boil sugar using water in a ratio of 1: 1. Sugar syrup dissolves more easily and blends with a juice drink than using ordinary sugar.

After completion, green apple juice should be consumed immediately because if it is left too long then the vitamins in the juice will be damaged by the air and ultraviolet, this results in a less pleasant taste and reduced efficacy.

The best time to consume green apple juice is before eating so that the absorption of various nutrients in it can be maximized.

The size of green apple juice for children aged 6 months and under should not exceed 177 ml or no more than 1 standard cup per day.

Bonus Tips

When using a juicer, use only the fruit while other compositions such as milk, water, sugar syrup, honey are set aside. You can add ice cubes after the juice comes out or store them in the fridge so that the juice drinks are kept fresh.

Returning to the initial explanation, a juice drink is juice made by squeezing the water content in the fruit.

Because what is produced is juice, the stomach will be released from discomfort. Different when using a blender machine, which is produced is a fruit pulp with a thick form and filling the stomach will certainly be saturated if you continue to drink it every day.

The way out, use a thin cloth (gauze) or a special filter to separate green apple juice with foam or fruit fibers that do not dissolve completely.

Ingredients for Making Green Apple Juice:

  1. 2 green apples that have been green
  2. 80 milliliters of liquid sugar, mineral water as needed
  3. Ice cubes to taste
  4. Blender

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How to process green apple juice drinks:

  1. Clean all ingredients and peel the skin
  2. Mix everything into a blender and process until smooth
  3. Filter the next pour into a glass
  4. Serve immediately
Choose fruit that has the best quality so that when it is made into a juice that tastes fresh and delicious. Choose fruit that is ripe so that it has a sweet taste

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