How to Make Keto Low Carb Pancakes with Almond Flour & Cream Cheese

As a person who likes breakfast all day, choosing a good low-carb breakfast is not easy. My criteria for making eggs and pancakes have only one requirement: the more flaky, the better! Just remember that thing, making a versatile keto low carb pancake recipe won't be difficult. For me there is nothing like a large stack of pancakes for breakfast. Just because you are on a Keto diet does not mean you have to miss the pleasures of pancakes. This keto pancake recipe is very easy and will definitely satisfy your desires.

There are lots of keto pancake recipes out there, but almost all of them use the same two important ingredients: keto pancakes cottage cheese and eggs. And actually there's nothing wrong with that, but usually their recipes taste are much sharper than we like. But with adding almond flour can make the pancakes look a little more like cake, and the lemon peel gives them an extra layer of flavor that really makes us addicted. If you are not a lemon fan, just add one teaspoon of vanilla instead.

Pancake toppings are the best part of pancakes, unfortunately the most typical pancake toppings are not permitted on the Keto diet. But don't worry, I have some ideas for toppings that will bring their pancake enjoyment to the next level without driving you out of Keto: enjoy with a sprinkling of bacon, drizzle melted peanut butter, bake unsweetened coconut, or a handful of berries! Because of the delicacy and health of this keto pancake, numbones.com wants to share about How to Make Keto Low Carb Pancakes Recipe With Almond Flour & Cream Cheese.

How to Make Keto Low Carb Pancakes Recipe With Almond Flour & Cream Cheese

Storing Keto Pancakes

Do you know that this low carbohydrate pancake recipe produces a pretty good batch. The last time I made this keto pancake, I ended up with 10 pancakes, each about 3 inches in diameter. The amount is perfect for staying healthy and delicious all week, feeding the whole family, or even freezing it in the refrigerator.

I put some of these gluten-free and low carb keto pancakes in the freezer as soon as they cool. Then, I was very happy to find that this worked perfectly! The keto pancakes freeze like traditional pancakes, and this can make a perfect easy keto breakfast, or snack, or even lunch to take to the office. So if you like to plan to eat keto pancakes every day or just prepare keto pancakes in the freezer, you will definitely want to make one or two extra extra keto pancakes.

But if you prefer keto pancakes with smaller batches, don't worry. You can easily halve the keto pancake recipe. If you want to make it with other amounts it might be a bit difficult to measure, but it shouldn't be a problem to store leftovers in the freezer. But if you don't want to freeze it, the keto pancake can also be stored well in the refrigerator for almost a week.

My Other Low Carb Keto Pancake Recipes: Paleo Pancakes

This paleo pancake is a pancake that is made from almond flour and coconut flour, and this paleo pancake is probably the best low carbohydrate keto pancake version that ever existed after keto pancakes. This paleo pancake feels very smooth and slightly sweet, and tastes closest to the original pancakes. You will definitely love this paleo pancake better than pancakes made with only one type of low carbohydrate flour. And, this paleo pancake is also amazing for a low carbohydrate keto diet plan.

Easy Paleo Pancakes Requires Only a Few Ingredients

One of the things I like about this paleo pancake is keto pancakes and pancakes which are very low in carbohydrates. Preparing paleo cream cheese pancakes with almond flour and coconut flour pancakes makes it taste like a top level pancake! Do you know what the best part of this paleo pancake is? This Paleo Keto Pancake only requires six to seven ingredients.

Everything is quite common if you cook a little low carbohydrate or gluten free at least once in a while. I almost always have it all the time. The only part that might be less favored from paleo pancakes is the erythritol. But don't worry, you can substitute it by using coconut sugar or maple syrup for paleo pancakes if you want. Moreover, it's just a little sweetener, in this case everyone's taste is different.

So even though I use erythritol for my paleo pancakes, you can substitute it with a sweetener that you like. And for the sweetness, you can adjust the amount of sweetener depending on how sweet you like for your paleo keto pancakes. And the preparation time for this paleo pancake is quite fast, because it only takes a few minutes. For the steps to make the dough is a simple problem, which only shakes all the ingredients together.

Then, to make it almost the same as the normal pancake making process. First heat the well-oiled skillet, then cook for a few minutes, and don't forget to flip to the other side until you pass all the dough. With this Paleo pancake, breakfast or lazy lunch doesn't get easier than that!

Special Toppings For Paleo Pancakes

In this section you have important decisions left to make, ask yourself, what do you have to make keto pancakes? whipped cream, nuts, butter, give? Which ingredients is your favorite?

And what about the additions that match with these keto pancakes? How about the topping? As I recall, I actually threw a few pieces of chocolate into the batter at a time, or maybe chopped nuts, or even some blueberries. There are many possibilities for this keto pancake topping. But you don't need to be confused, because whatever variety of low-carbohydrate refined pancakes that you choose, if you follow this recipe correctly, the end result will definitely be delicious. And with some of the latest updates, these keto pancakes are even better. Delicious keto pancakes that are truly irresistible!

Keto Pancakes Almond Flour Cream Cheese Recipe

These low-carb 6-keto pancake ingredients with keto pancakes almond flour and cream cheese are very easy, smooth, and delicious. Paleo and gluten free too!


  • 1 teaspoon of lemon zest
  • 4 large eggs
  • 64 gr of Almond  Flour
  • 115 gr of Cream cheese, softened
  • Butter to taste, for frying and serving


  1. Prepare a medium sized bowl, then add almond flour, cream cheese, eggs, and lemon zest. Then stir all of them until smooth.
  2. Then prepare a nonstick pan on the stove, heat it over medium heat. After feels hot enough, melt 1 tablespoon of butter.
  3. Pour the mixture in the bowl, about 3 tablespoons, then cook until it turn golden. Sometimes it takes abaout 2 minutes.
  4. After it turn to golden, flip to the other side. And cook for about 2 minutes until it's turn to golden too.
  5. After it feel sufficiently cooked, move the cooked keto pancakes to the plate.
  6. Then cook the remaining mixture until it becomes a few delicious keto pancakes.
  7. Serve with butter as topping.
  8. Your delicious and healthy keto pancakes are ready to eat!

Apart from this Keto Low Carb Pancakes Recipe With Almond Flour & Cream Cheese that I posted, there are still many other variation of keto pancake recipes. Like keto pancakes squash, keto pancakes syrup, keto pancakes diet doctor, peanut butter cream cheese pancakes, even keto pancake that uses protein powder. Those are reipes collection of healthy and delicious keto pancake. If you are a pancakes lover, you should try all of those keto pancake, I'm sure you won't regret it. If there is free time, I will try to tell about my experience and sharing the recipe about those keto pancake.

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What do you think? Will you be try my Keto Low Carb Pancakes Recipe With Almond Flour & Cream Cheese soon?

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