How To Get a Good Job Without Experience Quickly

In this age, many people assume that it is very difficult to get a job. And it won't take much longer, until many students around the world will immediately ask this ancient question: If all of the jobs requires an experience, how can you get the first job if your only experience is your degree? When you just graduate from college and start looking for a job, you will be easy to feel intimidated. Finding a job without having any work experience can be frustrating, but with a great ambition, hard work, and self-confidence, it can happen, nothing is impossible in this world.

Everyone dreams of a perfect job. Many also hope to work in well-known companies such as Amazon, Google, Starbucks, Bitlife, etc. There are also some people who think that working in retail is enough, because some people think that working at retail is quite easy and does not really require work experience. But certainly, with the various types of jobs, they also expect to get jobs that pay well, for example dreaming  to get $ 60k every month even though they don't have work experience.

And the job seekers have varied ages. There are some that are still teenagers aged 14 to 18 years who already want to get a job, some who are up to 40 years old still don't get the job they want. Most teens start looking for a good job after college, so they will soon get their first job. The types of work that are also quite varied, there are people who want part time jobs quickly, there are also those who prefer full time jobs. That's why numbones.com wants to share some tips to get a good job quickly with high salary even though you don't have experience.

How To Get A Good Job Without Experience Quickly
Here are 10 good tips to help you to compile great applications, interviews, and these tips will help you to show How to Get a Job Fast with No Experience:

How To Get A Good Job Without Experience Quickly


Make a list of all the skills you have, then list them in the post for the role you are looking for. Examples are technical skills, computer skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, and research skills. The most important thing is to list the skills that you have that are needed by the company.


A little information for you, if you apply for an entry-level position, most companies don't expect you to come up with a resume that filled with experience. Instead, they will embrace your experience, and use it as a motivation to learn. The company will value you more about your curiosity, dedication, and commitment during learning and growth. Most recruiting companies look for people who want to work hard and want to learn.


You have to know about yourself, what makes you stand out or better than others? Remember that you must show qualities such as firmness, responsiveness, follow-up, and professionalism that you have. Because companies certainly understand that strong soft skills can be very beneficial, because they cannot be taught.


When you decide to apply for a job with the position you want, you must have a good reason for the company so that they believe that you can do the job well. Spend a little of your time analyzing the link. What formal or informal experiences have you had, or what personal characteristics make the job work for you? It would be better if you become analytical and creative in this process. After you have finished creating the link for yourself, you will be able to explain it well to potential employers.


Believe in yourself is important, but you still have to affix it with humility and modesty, because it is a characteristic of the "beginner's mind." Show that you are able to do the job, but you also have to show that you are willing to learn.


You may not have years of work experience, but try to think about this, is there another background that can show your value to the company? Experience does not only obtained from jobs, show whatever skills you develop in other areas of your life. It can be the award or achievement you get.


Try to build your personal network. Because this method is a reliable path to great job at every stage of life. Stay connected with everyone you know, and when it's time, you will also be connected to everyone they know. To be able to stay in touch both through arranging lunch or coffee, community, social media, even professional events. You can keep in touch with whatever way you can find.


Take advantage of your skills and experience as well as possible, making sure you apply for the right and suitable position for you. In a tight job market like these day, where companies are flooded with highly qualified applicants, companies will have little incentive to take the opportunity to candidates who have few qualifications. Target jobs and positions that you can really prove you can succeed carefully, not jobs where you think, "I can do that," but jobs where you can excel with the skills and ability that you already have .


There are times when you might need more education to qualify for the job you want. For example, if you are interested in art, then maybe it's time to apply to an art school. But even if it's outside formal education, try to find ways to keep up to date and expand your knowledge. You can do it by taking an audit or non-credit class, registering in a special training course, professional development, or simply just do a lot of reading in your area of interest.


If you still can't find a suitable job for you, try working for free. We know that voluntary position can be easier to find than an internship. Don't hesitate to try to become Volunteers as much as possible according to the relevant services as you can. Because in this way, you will not only get valuable experience, but also will be able to build networks and get the opportunity to work in a better position.

2 Must-Do Tips to Find a Job ASAP

  • Be sure to polish your shoes before the interview. This is only an addition, because it is not uncommon for managers to see your shoes while interviewing. If you don't have shoe polish, you can use a leather cleaning cloth or a versatile cloth. In the interview process, it is very important to look best from head to toe.
  • The second tips is to pay attention to the details. Hunting for jobs can feel like you are playing a multitasking game that you keep trying to follow it. There are so many things you need to pay attention to when you want to impress the company. The more often you feel a failure in finding a job, it will make you get more experience. Every day, keep trying to find a job, and do it with the mindset that it is not a futile thing, but consider it as an adventure and an opportunity to continue learning and exploring yourself.

In your struggle to get a job, remember to always put yourself in the shoes of the people who will hire you. What should make them excited and want to hire you? The answer to that question will be answered in everything you do, starting from your response to the job search, your application letter, resume, and interview process. Make an interesting experience for yourself, bring your life in your own hands and make it work.

You will not be able to guess what you can achieve with the right mindset. Good luck!

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