Top 9 Christmas and New Year Wonderful Vacation Spots for Families

When cold winds come and knocking on your door, they bringing joy of Christmas. It means that it is time to get ready to plan for one of the biggest festivals of the year. Even though you may have planned Christmas and New Year Vacation or maybe still planning on it, this work for both categories of people. Christmas is a celebration of joy and happiness and there is no better way to celebrate than to travel to some of the best destination in the world. 

From the alleys captivating Spain to the enchanting canals of Amsterdam and Venice to the enchanting beaches of Sri Lanka. Even though you have celebrated every year with your family, maybe it's time to celebrate it on foreign land with the people you love. When you traveling during Christmas and New Year, it not only gives you a much needed break. But also will be a new experience in a new country with new people. Celebrate the celebration opportunities in style and make your Christmas and New Year celebration become the best day ever in your life.

The New Year's Eve hype can often replace the night itself. Expectations of celebrating Christmas and New Year are often deflated by traffic jams, with raucous crowds and the public transportation that are too expensive. But there are few destination that will definitely be a great regardless of any unwanted circumstances. Why not celebrate the Christmas and New Year at a luxurious five star hotels in the Caribbean or Maldives and start the New Year casually, floating in calm turquoise waters? 

9 Best Christmas and New Year Vacation Spots for Families
For something more classic, you can explore into large metropolitan cities like Paris, Barcelona, London, or New York and get special annual celebrations, such as watching a falling ball in Times Square or seeing the Eiffel Tower lit with fireworks. And you can also travel further and get some experience different cultural traditions in Hong Kong or Rio de Janeiro. Or follow a longer adventure to explore the natural beauty of Australia and New Zealand and swap the winter with the summer sun in the South Pacific.

Even if you haven't made arrangements yet, there are a few number of last minute New Year's Eve trips that will definitely become fantastic experience. From celebrating black ties in the most amazing hotels in the world, music festivals on legendary beach parties, and a lot of firework rainbows that illuminate the city's iconic and sky landmarks. So, check out this list of Best Christmas and New Year Vacation Spots for Families.

9 Christmas Vacations for Families Affordable

1. Australia – The Best Christmas Celebration

Australia | 9 Best Christmas and New Year Vacation Spots for Families
This vacation spot is become one of the best Christmas holiday destinations. This destination can be a good choice if you still don't know where to visit between christmas and new year. Because the weather in Australia is completely different of what we experience in the Northern Hemisphere. And the unique thing of this vacation is Christmas in Australia is celebrated in the popular Australian summer. And  do you know that summer starts in Australia during the usual winter. 

Summer Australia is known for its passion and is believed to be one of the most living places on Earth. Sometimes you will get chances to be invited to an open house summer barbeque that is talked about by many pepople. This Christmas and New Year destionation is one of the most friendly countries in the world, Christmas in Australia is a giant burst of joy and happiness. Whether it's the Melbourne Christmas Carnival or the Sydney New Year Celebration, Australia will be your new home.

There are a few best holiday destinations in Australia for families. Like the Bondi Beach, Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Uluru, Lord Howe Island, Fraser Island. Make sure you visit all of these place during Christmas and New Year, or you will lose one of the most special experiences of your life.

2. Austria - Christmas in the middle of The Alpes Mountain

Austria | 9 Best Christmas and New Year Vacation Spots for Families
This vacation is also suitable for Christmas Vacations for senior singles. This vacation spot is located in the middle of the Alpes Mountain, Austria is another great choice for Christmas & New Year holidays. Destinations throughout the year, every season in Austria offers pure beauty but the winter which makes Austria more attractive. With the snow covered of Alpes Mountain standing tall, the Austrian landscape in winter resembles a land of winter magic wonderland. 

Ideal holiday destination for snow adventures such as snowboarding  and skiing, Austria also have some carnival during the Christmas and New Year season. Vienna is the center of all Christmas celebrations in Austria, but Salzburg is become one of the most visited Christmas destinations in Europe. Salzburg is a culture and history that is very important to Austria and the emotions are highly reflected in the great Christmas celebration in Salzburg.

There are a some amazing places to visit in austria in winter. Like market square in Hallstatt, Vienna, Kalvarienberg Church , Danube Valley, Kirchberg, and Salzburg. Make sure you visit all of these amazing place during Christmas and New Year, and get your best Christmas and New Year celebration in your life.

3. Italy - Celebrating Christmas in the Middle of Godhead

Italy | 9 Best Christmas and New Year Vacation Spots for Families
We challenge you to mention a Christmas holiday destination that is better than Italy. There are no other place that beter than Italy to celebrate the birth of Jesus other than the center of Christianity, the Vatican City. Italy is place where the oldest traditions and culture of Christian. And of course Italy know well how to celebrate Christmas. Italy is not only about culture and tradition, Ancient Italian cities that make themselves parallel to modern marvels, Italy is a land of changing landscapes. From sky-high mountains to charming beaches, Italy is a romance place with diversity.

There are a some of Italy tourist attractions map. Like Lake of Como, Rome, Siena , Florence, Milan, Sorrento, Pisa, Naples, Capri, Pompeii, and Venice. I know that it is a lot of vacation spot, but each of those vacation spot has its own unique history. And I’m sure that you would be interested on it.

4. Spain – Celebrate Your Christmas and New Year Completely in The Land of Joy

Spain | 9 Best Christmas and New Year Vacation Spots for Families
Spain is also known as best getaways for New Years. Not at all to regard Spain as an overzealous destination, because Spain is a lively carnival that you will always want to follow. From its great festival celebrations to its beautiful and ancient streets to enchanting beaches, Spain is a heaven for travelers that looking for sunshine. In harmony with its dynamic culture. In Spain, Christmas and New Year's Celebrations are a 6 day royal extravaganza that seems to last forever. 

And during Christmas, The spectacular of Barcelona cannot be explained by words in the vocabulary. One thing is certain, you will come back drunk after your visit to Spain and people may get you out of Spain but not Spain out of you. And when you come to visit to Spain, don’t forget to try their Best Spanish Food. There are a some food that are very popular in Spain, like Jamon, 'Spanish Ratatouille' Pisto Murciano, Salmorejo, Tortillas and Croquettes. Make sure to try some of these Popular Spanish Food, and you will have a new favorite food.

There are a some unique places to visit in Spain. Like Menorca, Barcelona, Costa Brava, Madrid, Toledo, Valencia, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Seville. Make sure you visit all of these unique place during Christmas and New Year, and you will get the most unique Christmas and New Year celebration in your life.

5. Netherlands – The Place Where Feast Never Stop

Netherlands | 9 Best Christmas and New Year Vacation Spots for Families
Netherlands also known as Dutchland, the Netherlands is best known for its city of Amsterdam. The Netherlands is absolute happiness, and become one of the most liberating destination in the world. The story of two cities, the Netherlands is a perfect blend of nature and modern tourist cities, fused into one full destination, call it the Netherlands. As a liberal country, the Netherlands is the country that you would love to call it ‘home’. From beautiful countryside to adventure activities to walking in the middle of nature, Netherlands is the liberation destination that we are all looking for. 

A country that has succeeded in combining nature in its modern advances, in Netherlands you don't need to across to find solitude in the midst of nature. A lively lifestyle blends with an enthralling cultural heritage, Netherlands makes it an excellent Christmas and New Year destination. The Christmas celebration in Amsterdam began since a month before, with the town square lit by lights. It feels like Christmas straight from November. And this destination is one of the Best New Year vacation spots.

There are a some of most beautiful villages in Netherlands. Like Volendam, Utrecht, Edam,  Haarlem, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Leiden, and Rotterdam. Make sure you visit all of these spectacular place during Christmas and New Year, and you will get your best Christmas and New Year celebration in your life.

6. Sweden - Celebrate Christmas and New Year in the Vikings Island

Sweden | 9 Best Christmas and New Year Vacation Spots for Families
If you want to celebrate Christmas that is far away from home, celebrate it as you should. Christmas in Sweden is a romance with nature, in the midst of the land of midnight sun, North lights, and reindeer. Island of Vikings, Sweden has never received proper recognition in the travel sector, but every year many fanatical travelers sail to explore a land of unlimited beauty. That is why Sweden has become one of the best holiday destinations for Christmas New Year, Swedish beauty cannot be explained in words, you must be there to experience it yourself. 

As one of the most peaceful countries in the World, Sweden is also a country famous for their dynamic and vibrant culture. From the music house to meatballs to shopping giants like H & M, Sweden is a beautiful mystery that can only be solved by visiting there by yourself. One of the best places to go to Christmas and New Year Holiday Destinations, Christmas and New Year in Sweden will be what you remember forever in your life.

There are a some Sweden nature attractions. Like Öland, Gothenburg, Visby, Abisko, Øresund, Åre, Södermalm, Kiruna, and Stockholm. Make sure you visit all of these beautiful mystery place during Christmas and New Year, and you will get your best Christmas and New Year celebration in your life.

7. Jordan - The Wonderlands of Culture

Jordan | 9 Best Christmas and New Year Vacation Spots for Families
Come as a surprise? Yep, you are not wrong, It is true, Jordan. Well for the contrary belief, Jordan has been turned out to be one of the most friendly tourist destinations in the world. While some countries renounce their cultural identities to embrace modern progress, Jordan has succeeded in preserving its cultural heritage and identity. That's what makes Jordan so special. A country with many man made and natural wonders, Jordan is a vacation spot that wait to be visited. 

From metro cities that was full of tourists, Jordan also has many hidden secret surprises from public eye, but don’t worry, you still can explore every destination spot on Jordan very well. From the famous ancient city of Petra, the vast desert land, and the rejuvenating Red Sea, Jordan is the perfect getaway spot you are looking for. A budget-friendly Christmas and New Year destination, Jordan will be a lifetime experience.

For you who are still wondering what is good in Jordan, this is a few Top places that you have to visit when you come to Jordan. There is Al-Khazneh, Dead Sea, Aqaba, Jerash, Amman, Wadi Rum, Jordan Valley, Petra, and Ma’in. A few of those place are become historical places in Jordan. So make sure to visit and know the history of those place. Make your Christmas and New Year become happy and meaningful.

8. Russia -The Greatest Winter Christmas and New Year Celebration

Russia | 9 Best Christmas and New Year Vacation Spots for Families
Apart from the political differences, Russia is become one of the best winter destinations spot in the world. A country that is always surrounded by mystery and an atmosphere of suspicion, it just about time when Russia is explored and brought to be destination of travelers. The biggest country has a rich history, filled with both chaos and glory. Russia is also known as home to some of the coldest places on Earth, traveler who want to try to feel the winter in Russia is an adventure in theirself. 

From very cold temperatures to unusual welcoming reception methods, Russia is the place if you really want to explore new and foreign cultures. Rich of history and heritage are excellently exhibited in Moscow's architecture, St. Petersburg. After the FIFA World Cup a few years ago, Russia made its name as an absolute paradise on Earth. The snowy cities and exciting culture make it one of the best 

Christmas and New Year destinations. Most of International media has made us aware of many disturbing things about Russia, but Russian royalty, hospitality, and culture are largely overshadowed by other issues. By sharing its borders with Europe and Asia, Russia is a mixture of many cultures that every traveler deserves to visit. Christmas in Russia is a royal affair and enjoying walk on the streets of Moscow will fill your heart with full joy. Russia is also one of the best New Year's Vacation for families.

There are a some good places to visit in russia in winter. Like Moscow, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Oymyakon, Vladivostok, Sochi, Olkhon Island, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, and Yakuts. Some of those spot destination are also know as best cities in russia to party. So try to visit all of those place, and find which is the best desination for you and your family.

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Extra Bonus Destination to Make New Year Vacation Specials

9. Alaska, US - Celebrate Christmas and New Year with the Beauty of Aurora

Alaska, US | 9 Best Christmas and New Year Vacation Spots for Families
Alaska is the best places to travel between Christmas and New Years in the US. For jetsetters who are truly committed to the cold and white Christmas ideas, Alaska is a place for holiday vacation. There are a lot of festivals and Christmas events in Alaska, including Christmas-themed ice art statues and dog sledding. Winter is also the main time to capture the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, which pass across the sky above the state. 

For traveller who bring their families with small children, Alaska might be the next best destination to visit the North Pole. Because since 1952, thousands of children who have written letters to Santa with the hopes of Christmas, have sent their letters to the Santa Claus Building in the North Pole, Alaska near Fairbanks.

So which Best Christmas and New Year Destinations Spot that you like? and Why do you like it? Let me know in the comments.

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